That’s if you like VB, which has very much become and acquired taste in this cultural shift Australia is going through. If you do like VB, it’s a must have and you could pick it up for free.

VB is about to go on the promotional offensive in the run up the Christmas. In its effort to get every Aussie BBQ to be accompanied by Victoria’s finest, it’s released a number of different VB chilling options to keep your VB at the ideal temperature. Best of all, you just need to collect VB promotional codes to grab one of these.



First off the rank is the VB Vending Machine. Standing at around 1.2 metres tall it is specially designed for VB stubbies and will keep your stash ice cold. It’s a fully functioning machine in the classic shape that will fit well in your man cave or shed. A press of the button delivers an ice cold VB stubbie – so long as you pre-loaded it with one. Twelve codes plus postage and handling will get you one.

The partner doesn’t like the idea of a VB Vending Machine? Can we possibly interest you in a VB Thermo Cooler? Featuring an LCD display and thermometer, you can always be assured your VB, or potato salad, is kept at just the right temperature. One of these could be yours with just three unique codes plus postage and handling.


Finally, two unique codes will get you a VB Ice Alarm. This will warn you when your VB has spent just the right amount of time chilling to get to the perfect temperature.

That’s all good if you drink VB. Better stock up and start collecting those codes to grab your admittedly pretty cool freebies – the promotion starts Monday 14th of November. If, like me, you can’t stand VB, you’ve just wasted the last minute of your life. Sorry, no refunds.

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