Foldable smartphones have not been around for very long but their growth in the past year has been extraordinary with the global sales volume growing more than four times compared to that of 2020. In fact, during 2021 the one month sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 exceeded the entire 2020 sales of ALL foldable phones!

Samsung Electronics’ President & Head of MX Business TM Roh stated that he expects this growth to continue in coming years as they become more affordable, and their technology improves:

“We will continue to develop the unique advantages of the Galaxy foldables, such as viewing on a large screen using a compact and durable device, taking photos and videos in Flex mode, multitasking on split screens with an S Pen and enjoying a unique user experience with the new foldable form factor. We will also enhance the foldables experience through partnerships with industry leaders, such as Google, to support more applications and services for foldable devices.”

The advancement of foldables by Samsung is part of their mission to make the latest and best in mobile technology more accessible to users, as also evidenced by their leading role in the 5G connectivity world.

Samsung’s smartphone technology is a key focus for them with a continual striving to improve the smartphone experience for users. Their added focus on the mid-range and providing their customers with improved battery, memory and performance along with 5G capabilities will help them to continue their dominance of that segment of the smartphone market.

Samsung is promising more innovation in the coming years, not just in their foldable range, with a focus on the sustainability of their entire business. By focusing on how they “design, manufacture and recover materials throughout the product lifecycle” Samsung hope to be a positive factor in the fight against climate change.

With all this innovation coming, along with an environmental conscience means that we as consumers will end up also being winners. Who doesn’t love new, innovative tech with a small footprint on the world?