Ever wanted to take apart your Labrador and tinker with it just a little to make the perfect dog? No? Well you’ll still enjoy these great dog blueprints and other cool random pieces for men.

Uncommon Goods is the perpetrator of this fine crime – producing some of the coolest and unnecessary items. It’s not just for men – there are sections for kids, women and more, but we’ll stick to the men’s department for now. As well as the dog blueprint posters, which include Labrador Retriever and American Mutt, cat lovers aren’t left out with a Persian Cat blueprint which we assume is mainly made up of indifference.

It’s not just posters though, there are other cool items that you never knew you needed. How about some cardboard animal heads or a wooden tie? No? Then the Auto Timing Chain and Gears Wall Clock is a must have for anyone who loves things with wheels. For the camera lovers, there’s also a range of old-school film cameras.

You’re bound to find something cool and unique to blow your cash on at Uncommon Goods. The store is American but the prices are affordable, with most items coming in at under $200. If you want to spend more, go to America and order something there – such as the Scratch World Map – then you can scratch off America from it as a place you’ve visited. Yes, a scratch off world map does exist, and it’s awesome!

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