It’s a well used phrase “There’s an app for that” – but did you ever think there would be an app to help come up with excuses at the shake of your phone?

Pepsi Max have an app called Top Mates – yeah, it’s a bit cornyand overly Aussie – but outside of that, just a quick download and tap of the “Stealth Tools” icon and you’ll be presented with a quick excuse like “Can’t get a cab”. Of course, you don’t need an excuse for the situation you’ve just gotten into, and you’re a bigger man than that anyway – but it’s always handy. Shake the phone again and get a new one – “Stuck in an elevator”

If that’s all a bit serious for you, flick the funny switch for some more creative ones like “Kidnapped by clowns” or “Delivering a baby”. What takes these that little bit further are the pre-prepared picture messages ready to send – including the “delivering a baby” excuse. You can even record a voicemail message with sound effects added to enhance the reality of the excuse.

If only for the excuses it’s worth a download – it’s free afterall. We think anyone will become sus after you deliver your fifth baby for the week… and you work at PWC. There is some sort of social plan behind this app, looking to integrate with your Facebook account by adding your mates into the app. If they also use the app you can rope them into covering for you on the excuses.

It’s all a bit of fun, and hey – Pepsi’s paying so go grab it.

There are also chances to win prizes and all that, but really – this thing is about excuses you can pull out while drinking and ice cold can of Coke… wait…

Available on Android and iOS