It’s a car lovers worst nightmare. Twelve supercars have come to a tragic end in a mass car accident in Japan. Luckily only the driver’s egos have been damaged… and likely their insurance policies too.

The crash occurred at the Chugoku Expressway near Shimonoseki junction in Yamaguchi Prefecture, yesterday around 10am when one of the Ferraris mounted the median strip coming around a blind bend. After that it was chaos as the following Ferraris, Lamborghini and Mercedes tried desperately to avoid the carnage. A Nissan GT-R and Toyota Prius were also caught up in the mess.

According to the SMH, the shopping list of crashed cars included: “at least two Ferrari F430s (one was the race-ready Scuderia, these days worth more than $400,000), two Ferrari 360 Modenas (each worth almost $200,000), two Ferrari F355s (each worth about $150,000) and a Lamborghini Diablo (one of the most expensive supercars of the 1990s and still likely worth upwards of $200,000),” as well as the Prius and the GT-R.

The majority of the drivers were self-employed car enthusiasts who will now be working off extremely big bills if they’re not insured. The accident shut down the road for six hours.