BERG Cloud has shown off its genius idea to hit stores in 2012 – the Little Printer. It’s a wireless printer that fits in the palm of your hand and prints off “news, puzzles and gossip from friends.”

It works by providing you with a list of feeds you subscribe to. The feeds are basically commonly accessible information (like Facebook feeds, Foursquare information, RSS from news sources etc). You can then print them out wirelessly on docket style paper to carry with you or be weirdly creative with by sticking them on your fridge… or something.

Here’s where it comes unstuck though. The idea is that you can use your smartphone with it wirelessly. So you get the feeds from your smartphone Little Printer app and then print them out to take with you or use at home. Sadly for Little Printer, there’s an app for everything you can print out which will allow you to use your smartphone rather than a physical print out – it’s called an mobile browser. Why would you print out a news feed when you can just read it on your phone? Who needs to print out Foursquare information? It’s a shame, but Little Printer seems like it’s a little too late… and it’s not even out yet.

On the positive, five stars for style and what is a really cool idea just at the wrong time.

Web: BERG Cloud