What is the best video game of all time? That’s what we asked when we had the opportunity to give away the amazing Alienware Laptop and games from EA Sports, and you guys answered.

We had thousands of entries. Reading all of them takes a fair amount of time – as does trying to extract the ‘answer’.  However, after many hours on Excel we’ve got some very interesting results to share.

We should qualify this by saying we did take some liberties, grouping games by a single ‘title’ – so all the different Call of Duty games are grouped under “Call of Duty“. Similarly the Mario series was tough, so we’ve separated Mario Kart and Super Mario to encompass the range of titles.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… The top 10 games of all time, according to you!

Coming in at Number 10 – Zelda, primarily the Legend of Zelda.  With 2% of the vote.

Number 9 – Grand Theft Auto. With 3% there are some really passionate fans of this series.

Number 8 – DOOM. very clearly a classic mostly among the non regular gamers. This is the first of the historic titles to make the list.

Number 7 – Space Invaders. Again, some real passion among these fans taking it to 3% of the vote.

Number 6 – Mario Kart – any mention of Mario and his Kart put him in this category with 3% of the vote.

Number 5 – Jumping to 4% of the vote was the Battlefield series, with Battlefield 3 taking the overwhelming majority of that.

Number 4 – Also with 4% was PacMan. Given the age and demographic of these votes, it’s clear this is a title spanning the whole community.

Number 3 – With 4% of the vote was The SIMS. A favourite among the women of EFTM judging by the entries but also quite popular with the blokes.

Number 2 – With 5% of the vote was the Call of Duty series.  Modern Warfare 3 dominated in this vote without question and the margin to Number 1 was a handful of votes.

Number 1 – Also with 5% of the vote was Super Mario Bros – Broadly the entire non-Kart Mario series.  Clearly popular and great memories for a lot of people.

So, what do you think?  Has the EFTM population missed something here?

This was a fantastic competition, we’re so pleased you all got involved and shared your thoughts with us.  So, who’s the winner?

Firstly, a highly commended honorable mention to Martin Odgers – this was amazing:
Wolfenstein by Martin Odgers

Some classic leaps back in time deserve mention too – California games, Lemmings, and Leisure Suit Larry – wow, remember those!?

However, there can be only one winner. And for pulling on the heartstrings of more than one judge with memories of the good old days of games… Our winner is Matt Ross from Sunnybank Hills in QLD!. Matt’s entry was:
“The Original Grand Theft Auto on PC – With the overhead view! Can’t tell you how many hours of my youth were spent playing that game!”

Congratulations one and all – we’ve got some cracking prizes to come, so stay tuned!