One of last year’s best smartphones has just received a major boost, with Telstra launching a 4G version of the Samsung Galaxy S II today.

The second handset to launch on Telstra’s 4G network, the new Galaxy S II from Samsung adds super-fast LTE data connectivity to the phone’s already impressive lineup of specifications, from the SuperAMOLED plus screen and 1080p video recording to the 16GB of on board storage and Bluetooth 3.0.

It’s not just 4G that’s been added though – this version of the SGSII adds NFC support for potential future mobile payment solutions, as well as HD Voice support, which adds fidelity to mobile voice calls. The handset ships running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and not the latest version (Ice Cream Sandwich), although Telstra promises it will get the update soon. There’s a bigger battery and a more powerful processor as well.

The new 4G smartphone will only get the superfast data speeds in capital cities, but like the new iPad, will benefit on Telstra’s Next G network out of the CBD thanks to Dual Channel HSPA+ support.

Prices start at $5 a month on a $59 Freedom Connect plan over 24 months, which includes 1.5GB of data every month.

The Galaxy S II was already a fantastic handset, but this version looks to make some key improvements. If you live or work in Telstra’s 4G network area, it could make a great addition to your gadget collection.

Price: $5 a month on $59 plan over 24 months
Web: Telstra