You know, CES as a show can be hit and miss – some booths in the exhibition are very, very, niche.  Some press conferences are important must-see announcements. Others, well, they’re just a bit strange. Like this…

I went along to an event titled ‘Best iProducts’ which I thought might showcase some really cool ‘appcessories’ – sadly not. Instead, a crazy lady dressed in bright green with an orange wig was spruking a product. The iEraser. Why am I telling you this? Well despite the crazy presentation, it is actually quite cool.

Crazy "Irene"

In the spirit of the old blackboard erasers from my school days, the iEraser is a hard block with a special material on one side which, when you swipe it across your screen really does a bloody good job at cleaning the screen.

The iEraser -

It’s going to be $14.95 in the US, but there are no details of Australian availability – perhaps an online store will be perfect for them.

So, while the people behind it might go to extremes to get attention, the concept stands on its own two feet. The iEraser does a great job at cleaning your laptop, tablet or TV screen.



Price: (in the USA) $14.95