Don’t feel like surf on your flight? No problems, you could order the six ounce US rib-eye or the roast lamb chops with mint jus. It’s all part of the Singapore Airlines Book the Cook service that turns airline food into a (good) experience.

Recently we told you about the Etihad Mezoon Grille on board its fleet. In that case, fly first class and you get a chef on board who will take you through the menu and customise your meals. By March it will be on every Etihad flight. Australian Business Traveller’s John Walton has recently shed light on Singapore Airline’s offering, called Book the Cook.

While it’s not as extravagant as the Etihad onboard restaurant, it’s available to a hell of a lot more people. You only need to be flying in business to be able to access the service on selected flights. Sure, that still means spitting out upwards of $10,000 at times, but if work is paying for it, then all the better.

Book the Cook works almost like an online check-in. Get on-line more than 24 hours before your flight and check out the menu available. It’s a lot more extensive than the menu on board and you are assured of your meal selection.

Depending on where you are flying to and from, there will be different options, but Sydney-siders will get the option of lobster Thermidor, barramundi in black bean sauce and Indian lamb shank curry among other delicious options.

AusBT has the list of what’s available from both Melbourne and Sydney on its website. If you’re flying with SIA soon in business or above, it’s worth checking out. If not, don’t, you’ll just get really jealous.

Web: Singapore Airlines
Via: AusBT