Been to many shops where they point a gun at your head before you can enter? Temperature gun I mean! Well, it’s part of “the new norm” and for anyone running a business, or for those who want to keep safe and keep their friends safe, a temperature check before you go out or before people come in is a great idea.

The new MedSense TF01 is a small – very small comparatively – infrared Thermometer.

At just 70 grams, it’s super light weight.

Most importantly, it’s easy to use. Power on, point it at the forehead, press the temperature button.

Within 1 second, you get a temp reading.

For simplicity, the screen lights up in a colour to help understand the reading before you even see what the number is.

Green for a temp between 34 and 37.1 degrees. Orange for a reading of 37.2 up to 38.1, and Red for a high temp of 38.2 up to 43 degrees.

It’s really that simple.

Just two AAA batteries required to power it up, and it shuts off after 30 seconds so no issues with wasting batteries.

You can pick it up for $149

Web: Andatech