Volkswagen is well and truly the new Toyota. Blink and you’ll miss about four of them driving by, mainly Golfs. Now the much anticipated sporty coupe Golf, that would be the Scirocco R, has landed. Want one? Hope you’re patient.

When the hugely anticipated VW Polo GTi launched, customers who didn’t get in well in advance were faced with a one year waiting period. Good news, if you want a Scirocco R, Volkswagen has said the waiting period is far less… only six months this time. Oh well, you can’t have it all. A few had already hit dealers but would have been snapped up by customers who put down a deposit long ago. If you just want the standard Scirocco R, you have a much better chance of moving up the list.

So why would you want to wait an agonising six months for your brand new Scirocco R? Well, it’s not just an ordinary sports coupe. Based on the Golf, it has similar stats to the premium Golf R. You’ll be monstering down the highway with 2.0 litre four cylinder that belts out 188kW.

To make way for the new Scirocco R, Volkswagen has rid itself of the three door Golf R just so there is no family competition. You’ll notice we made no mention of the regular Scirocco. That’s because it’s not heading to Australia.

Want the Scirocco R? That will be $47,990 thanks. Not bad actually. Cheaper than the Golf R.

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