The best men of the week for the fourth week of 2012 include Geoffrey Rush, Lleyton Hewitt, Mark Foster and some random ball kid. But it was a thicker week of bad calls with a Kim, a Kevin a Tomas and a Hoff making the cut.

Good Week

Geoffrey Rush: A stellar acting career, amazing style, and now Australian of the Year. Doesn’t get much better for Mr Rush. Pretty cool name too, really.

Lleyton Hewitt: Despite being knocked out of the Australian Open, his performance in commentary during the Federer versus Nadal match was excellent. His fourth round appearance in the Slam wasn’t half bad either. Looks like that post-tennis media career is looking good.

Foster the People: Californian indie pop rockers Foster the People provided one of the standout performances of the Big Day Out in Sydney on Australia Day. Despite being placed on a small side stage they packed it out and more despite Kasabian and Soundgarden playing on the main stage around the same time. This from a chap, Mark Foster, who a few years ago was a humble jingles writer recovering from a drug addicition.

James Castrission and Justin Jones: Finished their 89 day, 2,300 kilometre trek to the South Pole on Australia Day. They are the first to ever make the trek unassisted.

Random ball kid: For this catch during the Federer versus Nadal match. That’s worthy of the Australian cricket team.

Bad Week

Kim Dotcom: One week you’re an international internet mogul with millions of dollars, leasing the most expensive house in New Zealand and kicking butt playing Call of Duty. The next week you’re in prison, charged with money laundering and copyright infringement, and facing extradition to the US, with the potential to face up to 20 years in prison. Such has been the past week in the life of German-born Kim Dotcom, whose murky past as a hacker and dodgy businessman has turned him into the media’s latest toy.

Kevin Federline: Coming to Australia from the States to keep your celebrity career going is like moving from the NBA to the NBL, from Formula 1 to V8 Supercars or from the Premier League to the A-League. Then, while training with the Greater Western Sydney Giants football team on Excess Baggage, the show you’re on to try and lose weight, you complain of chest pains and have to be taken to hospital. That’s the kind of week Kevin Federline, ex-husband to Britney Spears, has had. Not cool at all.

Tomas Berdych: Your opponent hits a ball that clocks you square on. It happens, that’s tennis. With little green balls coming at you at up to 240kph, you’re not always going to be able to get out of the way, and believe it or not, your opponent is not always going to be in complete control of his or her shots. So to refuse to shake their hand after the match because they accidentally hit you mid-way through it, even though you ended up winning, and even though your opponent has a history of being a good guy, well, that makes you a bit of a loser. Sorry Tomas.

The Hoff: Seriously, this Celebrity Apprentice thing is in some mild way excusable for B grade Aussie celebrities, but how low on the list do you have to put yourself to fly in from the other side of the world to spend day after day whoring yourself out for the slightest media or even social media attention.

Andrew Bogut: One of the highest paid Aussie sports stars and all around awesome bloke, the NBA Milwaukee Buck’s star player is out injured again after fracturing his ankle. This after what was potentially the most sickening injury two seasons ago when he bent his arm back after a dunk. Watch at your own peril, this is seriously painful stuff.