There is no doubt the growth in Cycling in this country continues year on year as more cyclists take to the roads for weekend journeys and competitive events alike. One thing they all have in common is the all important outfit.  You just can’t jump on a bike in shorts and a polo shirt you need to front up to a Cycle store for the all important lycra shorts and shirt – not any more – Spalding have hit Target stores with a range to suit.

Spalding Cycling

Spalding Cycling

Spalding Cycling - Shorts / Knicks

Spalding Cycling – Shorts / Knicks

Launching a new range called “Spalding Cycle” this well-known brand will place cycling gear at a lower price point right in the heart of major shopping centres right across Australia.

The range consists of both long and short sleeve jerseys, knicks and full length tights in three different colour combinations.

Cyclists will know the importance of the chamois in the knicks and the Spalding range is no different.  They’ve been designed for both road and mountain biking and use a “dri-form” quick-dry technology finish to keep you dry and comfortable on those long rides.

Pricing is competitive, but not overwhelming:

  • Spalding Men’s Cycling Short Sleeve $59.00
  • Spalding Men’s Cycling Long Sleeve $69.00
  • Spalding Men’s Cycling Short / Knick $59.00
  • Spalding Men’s Cycling Tight $69.00

Our research indicates this is a saving of $10-15 or more on each garment – not bad – especially for beginners.

Chatting to some experienced cyclists (thanks Rick!) the verdict was that this Spalding gear is most definitely entry-level stuff – simple yet smart design. As a new brand and product you don’t have any assurance around the longevity of the material and the long-term fit you will get.  New cyclists tend to stuff the pockets of a jersey until they stretch and depending on the quality you might end up with a saggy rear end in the shorts (I’m reliably informed that’s called “full nappy syndrome”) something you’d probably be keen to avoid.

But as a newbie, you’ll want to upgrade to those branded outfits after a while anyway!

So, if you’re just getting into this cycling game – check out Spalding Cycle at Target.