No, we don’t mean channeling the spirit of Michael Jackson while bushwalking through the world’s second oldest national park. We mean enjoying a nighttime adventure, seeing nature at its finest in the dead of night, with nothing but the moon and different coloured glowsticks to guide you.

Travel company UDU has set up the Sydney moonwalks through the Royal National Park, offering adventurous types and potential shutterbugs the chance to experience the bush in an intimate – and dark – setting. Beginning with a candlelit dinner at Providential Cove, the tour continues on to teach trekkers the wonders of night photography, including the skill of painting with light with your own camera.

The guided tour includes tales of the history and culture of the area, as well as a midnight meal, breakfast and intimate photo classes. Those who like the idea but are daunted by the prospect of an all night bushwalking challenge can choose to walk about 4kms and then call it a a night, sleeping in tents at Wattamolla. Those with the guts to go all night will wander on to Eagle Rock, taking the entire trek to about 8km.

The entire expedition – which includes three meals and a comprehensive photography lesson – costs just $249 per adult. It seems like an amazing way to discover one of Sydney’s often-overlooked natural wonders.

Price: $249 per adult
Web: UDU