Last week we spoke to rising Sydney FC stars Terry Antonis and Mitch Mallia. Aside from getting flogged by them in Fifa 12 on PS3, we also asked them ten quick questions on life outside of football.

Favourite sporting team?
Terry: Chelsea
Mitch: Manchester United

Favourite movie?
Terry: Wog Boy
Mitch: Wayne’s World

V8 Supercars or Formula 1?
Terry: V8 Supercars
Mitch: V8 Supercars

Your current mobile phone?
Terry: Apple iPhone
Mitch: Apple iPhone 4S

Xbox of PlayStation?
Terry: Sony PlayStation
Mitch: Sony PlayStation

Favourite band?
Terry: Dunno
Mitch: Bon Jovi

Plane, train or automobile?
Terry: Plane
Mitch: Car

Neat casual or suit up?
Terry: Casual
Mitch: Casual

Watch of choice?
Terry: Michael Korrs
Mitch: Casio G-Shock

Beer, wine or spirits?
Terry: None
Mitch: Water!

Stay tuned for the full video interview with Terry and Mitch, featuring parts of our flogging in Fifa 12.

Pictured: Terry Antonis who is one of the rising stars of Australian soccer. He was signed by Everton at the age of 14, but due to new Fifa rules relating to the age of international players, the contract had to be terminated. Watch out for this guy on the international scene soon.

If you’re keen on seeing Antonis and Mallia in action, grab your tickets here.