Sure, you can have a big screen TV and all the wireless connectivity you want in your man cave, but is it really complete without some sort of classic arcade gaming? We’ve got two great suggestions for you to ‘retro’ fit your man cave.

There isn’t much that’s better than the feel of those classic red and white round buttons or the clicking sound of a genuine arcade table joystick.  So why not add a table top arcade game to your man cave?

We’ve found them online from $1,200 (Arcade80’s) plus shipping ($100 will cover the machine from Brisbane to Sydney), or around $1,695 (Pinballs R Us).

These classic looking table tops are great quality and pack 60 great games into the boxes. They run free to play, or if you’ve got a problem with mates sticking around too long already, you can make them coin operated.


If that touch and feel is what you want but space is an issue – the iCade is for you.  At under $150, you simply slot your iPad into the top, pair your iPad to the iCade via BlueTooth and presto, you’re connected.  Download compatible games and you’ll be clicking and bashing away in no-time.

Web: Arcade 80’s (Table Top Arcade)

Web: Pinballs R Us (Table Top Arcade)

Web: Bigpond Shopping (iCade)