Wonder what the banks do with all those billions of dollars earned after pumping up interest rates? If it’s the Commonwealth Bank, at least part of that money has gone into creating a special app for the Google Chrome browser.

The Commonwealth Bank has released its first App in the Chrome Web Store, allowing NetBank customers to access their online banking direct from their browser. Yep, that’s it.

So why bother with the Chrome App? Well, the app is like those apps you download to your smartphone that really do nothing more than take you to a website. It’s like a shortcut, a convenience that will allow CommBank customers access their online banking quicker and easier than typing in a manual URL.

That said, this is an important step forward for the Chrome Web Store – the more top brands start entering the store the more relevant it becomes.

Putting the Chrome Web Store into perspective, you have to see the big picture of Google in which exists a world without operating systems. No Mac OSX, no Windows 7 or 8. Instead, you boot your PC and you are in the web browser. So Chrome Web Apps are custom applications that create a big familiar icon to click on, taking you to a rich web experience.

Commonwealth customers can view transactions, transfer funds and customise and their NetBank experience in the app, however there is one important disclaimer in the description of the app online: “This is a special version of NetBank with selected functionality. To access all of our online banking features please visit netbank.com.au.”

The Commonwealth Bank has become the first Australian bank to launch a Chrome App, which continues its recent spate of development initiatives such as the Kaching iPhone app for mobile payments. Looking like you are innovating and sitting at the forefront of technology is one key to customer satisfaction, and with apps on every platform it seems the Commonwealth has that square firmly set in its sights.

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