Fans of rhythm games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, listen up! You want to book yourself on the next flight to Brazil to check out the next logical progression of the genre… Guitar Pee!

Created by Brazilian ad agency AlmapBBDO, the game features sensors within a traditional urinal that create music when your jet of warm, waste liquid hits them, converting your stream into a rocking guitar solo.

Even better though is that once you’ve shaken yourself off (and washed your hands), you can access the Guitar Pee website to download an MP3 (or MPee3, as the agency has so creatively called it) of your musical creation.

The game can be found in a handful of bars in Sao Paulo. It’s a long way to travel to make music with your bladder, but if you’re heading to Brazil anyway, why not check it out?

Web: Guitar Pee
Via: Feel Desain