The problem with bicycle helmets isn’t that they give you helmet hair, but that they can be bulky and cumbersome when you’re done riding. French design company 360 Agency have seemingly fixed that problem by creating the Overade folding helmet.

Designed back in 2010, the Overade is set to go into production this year, and reportedly offers as much protection as a traditional helmet. It was designed to cater for commuting riders who choose not to wear a helmet because of the extra bulk. While it may not fold down enough to fit into a back pocket, it is small enough to throw in a bag and not have to worry about wasting space.

There’s no word on pricing or australian availability just yet, but given its cool folding mechanism and high-tech design, it’s unlikely to be cheaper than traditional helmets, that’s for sure…

Price: $TBC
Web: Overade (French)
Via: PC & Tech Authority