The German version of the Colonel at KFC is actually a real techie. Their latest campaign NEEDS to be in Australia.

I really don’t mind a few legs at KFC, I am crazy about the KFC Double (whenever it is available) too. The problem I have when I smash a few chicken pieces though I learn how to magically text using my elbow, wrist or earlobe. My fingers are a mess and wont do anything good to my smartphone, plus – I dont want the oil on the screen, I want it in my mouth. KFC has noticed my problem and is testing the innovation in Germany before clearly bringing the product to Australia, to me.


Known as the Tray Typer this nifty product is 0.4mm thin and contains bluetooth and a touch sensitive keyboard to use on your phone wirelessly. Turn the Tray Typer on, pair it to your smartphone and chow down on some hot’n’spicy wings while texting your missus that you’ll be “late for dinner”.


When KFC trialled the product in Germany they noticed one thing though… every customer took the thing home! You cant blame them, having a keyboard on your placemat means that you’ll literally never need to look up and talk to your family, you’ll be able to keep the Facebook chat going the whole time.


One thing that must be made clear though is that the keyboard wont help you switch between apps and navigate at all though, it’ll just help you type into the field you’ve selected. Sorry to be a kill joy. Oh and it is almost likely never coming to Australia so enjoy the video while it lasts.