Blokes enjoy the Motor Show, we enjoy the Boat show, but try to drag us along to the Pregnancy & Baby show, or the Wedding Expo and you’re going to get the same reaction as if we were out shoe shopping. Next month something very manly comes to Brisbane – the MAN eXpo.

Man Expo - Brisbane

Man Expo – Brisbane

If you’ve got a man cave tucked away in the garage, then shed, or even the corner of the lounge room the MAN eXpo sounds like the perfect place to seek inspiration for the limitless potential that a man-cave could bring your life.

In Brisbane at the Convention and Exhibition Centre on October 19 and 20 the MAN eXpo is an opportunity for men to take a look at some top-notch man-brands and products from all over the world.

You’ll find a mixture of Technology, sports, tools, machinery and plenty of beer – plus entertainment on both days.

Among the exhibitors will be Red Bull, MAXIUM and Carlton United Breweries as well as the local Big-Bash team the Brisbane Heat.

The bloke behind this bloke-fest is Nicholas Cooper – he reckons he started the event for two reasons. “It gives guys a sanctuary of awesomeness where they can come and experience the best man brands, buy a few treats for their own man-cave, and then kick back with a beer and watch some cracking entertainment!” Cooper said. “It’s also a great opportunity for brands to reach their core demographic in a very direct way.”

If you’re in Brisbane across those two date – lucky you! – check out their website and buy tickets online for a little discount too.

Entry is $17 at the door ($15 if you buy online) for 16+ and if you’re bringing along the kids all you need to do is make a token donation to charity.

We’ve checked with the organisers, and this is all a good value family quality show stuff – so no “sexpo” or anything otherwise which some blokes might consider the ultimate man-show. You can even bring the missus along with you.

There is an event planned for the Melbourne Showgrounds in May 2014 and if all goes well we’ll also see one in Sydney too.