The men have been a bit quiet this week. Novak Djokovic was in shock after his Slam win, Tony Abbott made the pages of GQ Australia, and Prince Harry continued to fail upwards. Adrian Sutil on the other hand will be taking an enforced break from Formula 1.

Good Week

Novak Djokovic: Five sets against Murray, five set against Nadal, the latter match taking almost six hours. Yet he was still standing at the end of it all, $2.5 million richer and with a Grand Slam trophy in his hands. A true number one.

Kaz Hirai: The PlayStation brand has been one of the most iconic Sony products for the past 20 years, so it’s no surprise that the man in charge of Sony’s Computer Entertainment Group would be top of the list to replace Sir Howard Stringer in Sony’s top role. As CEO and President, Hirai’s first job will be to turn around Sony’s struggling TV business…

Tony Abbott: He made our first list in the bad section but now he returns, in a good way. The opposition leader managed to make the pages of the current issue of GQ Australia in a seriously stylish shoot. He’s still the same Tony Abbott, but perhaps now with a bit of street cred.

Prince Harry: Work for this royal is doing an official trip the Carribean where he will play beach volley ball and run with Usain Bolt. What a f…

Bad Week

Adrian Sutil: He may look a little like Ryan Reynolds, but that’s as good as it gets for the German racing driver right now. Taken to court by the boss of the Lotus Renault F1 team for pushing a glass into his neck and causing grievous bodily harm during the Chinese Grand Prix, Sutil was convicted and is on a suspended sentence. He also has to pay a 200,000 Euro fine. Plus he has lost his F1 drive and his good mate Lewis Hamilton, who was there on the night of the trouble, refused to support him in court.

Jean Dujardin: Who? Yeah, we didn’t really know either until we read that he was looking good to be the first Frenchman to win the Best Actor Oscar. But that all seems to have gone to pot after he was featured in a rather racy advertisement around France that the French regulatory board is up in arms about. Funny, we thought the French were risque. Apparently not.