We’ve had the debate about scooters and electric bike sharing. But I’d imagine many would simply just like to own one. Which you can of course, but what about one with some of the smarts or even more we see from companies such as Lime. 

Putting aside the obvious environmental benefits, I wanted to tell you about an Aussie start-up called, Tiller rides.

Its plan is to help take on city congestion via stylish, high-quality e-bikes catered and designed for urban and inner-city use. 

The Tiller Rides Roadster features some great gear such as a removable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, keyless motion sensing alarm and GPS ‘find my bike’ tracker, built-in cable lock, automatic brake lights, greaseless belt drive, integrated lights, tyre repair, and even a USB port.

All this is integrated into a lightweight frame made from pressed aluminium. 

Julian Ilich, the Co-Founder of Tiller Rides who also triples as a designer, engineer and behavioural expert, points out:

  • A small car has approximately 8 times more impact on the environment that a Roadster e-bike charged with coal power (140g/km vs 17.4g/km of greenhouse emissions)
  • Australian CBDs are on the cusp of significant e-bike uptake, and what we can learn from other sustainably focused cities like London, Denmark and New York
  • Two years of customer research, design, engineering, prototyping and testing went into developing a globally competitive product

Would an e-Bike suit you? It’s not for me, I live a long way from the city plus I review cars. But I get it and certainly see the merit in all of this, plus love the Aussie input!

If you want to help them along with the almighty dollar then check this out.