OK Go makes sweet, sweet music with a Chevy Sonic

Even if you’re not a fan of their music, you have to admit that L.A. quartet OK Go’s video clips are the most creatively epic productions in world music. The latest, for their single Needing/Getting, sees the band play the entire tune with a Chevy Sonic on a special track. It’s amazing.

The clip took four months of preparation and four days of shooting, with over 1000 instruments set up over a two mile course in the desert outside Los Angeles. The car had retractable pneumatic arms attached to it to in order to play music around different sections of the course, while each of the pianos had the lowest octave tuned to the same note so it would hit the right one regardless of where it was hit.

If you’ve never seen an OK Go video clip before, you should definitely check out the clips below for reference.

Web: OK Go

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