They possibly could not have picked a worse summer (for Sydney residents anyway), but Smart Digital has none the less released the blow up projector screen, perfect for open air movies in your own backyard.

The HandiTheatre is a projector screen with inflatable frame, allowing it to be easily transported and set up virtually anywhere. It is comprised of a screen component and a box, called the HandiScreen and SmartBox respectively. The screen comes in both 3-metre and 2.5-metre sizes while the SmartBox comes with a Samsung Blu-ray player and all the connections you need to watch live TV or play your gaming consoles.

Ideally, you would be blowing up the screen outdoors on one of those balmy Australian evenings and settling down to a movie with the family – not too loud though, don’t want to disturb the neighbours. But in the weather Australia has seen lately, you’ll either be sweltering in Melbourne, freezing in Sydney or flooding in Brisbane. Hardly Smart Digital’s fault though.

All SmartSystems are supplied standard with two powered Behringer speakers.

Price: From $3,498
Web: Smart Digital