Arlo set the game when it comes to modern home security cameras, their fully wire-free approach has made having cameras around your home something we can all have because it’s so damn easy to install.

Today Arlo announced their new products are coming to Australia early next year and they’re a great addition to the range.

According to data Arlo shared with EFTM, an Aussie home is burgled every three minutes, we’re 5th in the world when it comes to the number of break-ins we have.

The really scary part? – Just 18% of people actually saw or heard people break in. That’s why these modern simple to use Security Cameras are so popular.

Next year we’re looking at two new products from Arlo as well as a software enhancement to the existing Pro cameras.

Coming in the first quarter of next year, the Arlo Ultra is a complete re-design of the Arlo cameras. Quality wise it’s a lift to 4K resolution video, paired with HDR to ensure bright sun blow-outs are a thing of the past.

Audio quality is improved with noise cancellation, while there’s also a small LED light to add a colour component to night-vision videos.

The overall camera is larger, and has a new mounting system. Inside the battery is new too, meaning it’s not interchangeable with existing Pro cameras. The base-station too is new, creating a seperate WiFi network for your cameras, and no longer housing the siren – this is now built into the Arlo Ultra camera.

We’re yet to test the Arlo Ultra in full, but we’re also noticing the base-station doesn’t have USB anymore, so local storage is reserved for an SD card only.

“Arlo Ultra pushes the boundaries of image and audio quality with an incredibly compact form factor that’s true to Arlo’s heritage of simple setup and ease-of-use, marking a massive leap forward in surveillance for the do-it-yourself smart home security market,” said Brad Little, Vice President and Managing Director, Arlo Technologies, APAC.

“Our new flagship wire-free camera represents major advancements in video, audio, software, AI, and computer vision capabilities. Arlo Ultra is a complete solution for users who desire the best possible protection for their home or business, as well as the most ideal experience for connecting remotely with loved ones for maximum peace of mind.”

There’s also a new Arlo Doorbell – very different to what would likely be described as the “smart doorbell” market leader Ring. The Arlo Doorbell doesn’t have a camera, it’s designed to work with your Arlo camera.

When pressed by a visitor the Arlo Doorbell initiates a VOIP call to your smartphone via the Arlo App. The app has automated responses built in that you can send to the doorbell, or you can have a full conversation with ease – from anywhere in the world.

Arlo Doorbell also arrives in Australia early next year.

Finally, Arlo recently updated Aussie customers with the option of Arlo Smart membership.

Arlo Smart enables new software features to existing Arlo cameras, things like people, animal and parcel detection.

Using smart AI, the cameras can send you notifications of movement that is more specific than just “motion”.

We’re testing this now, and will review soon.

Arlo Smart is a premium subscription service, over and above the existing subscription rates which offer cloud recordings and additional cameras.