It’s a tough time out there in magazine world, especially for men’s mags. And after shutting down Ralph mag back in 2010, publisher ACP has decided to draw curtains on its other monthly lad’s mag, FHM, finishing with its May issue.

According to the most recent ABC circulation audit in February, the magazine dropped almost 50 per cent of its readership between the second half of 2011 and the same time period in 2010, from 50,154 to just 26,026.

The closure of the magazine wasn’t entirely unexpected given the circulation loss, but it’s still always sad when a magazine closes. While we don’t necessarily agree with the scantily clad girl approach to men’s entertainment here at EFTM, we appreciate that some guys enjoy that, and FHM’s closure will make it even harder to satisfy that market.

Are any EFTM readers shocked by FHM’s closure? Are you going to miss the mag? Let us know!

Via: Mumbrella