Walking the halls of CES and got to chatting to a pet health startup displaying their smart food bowl and tracker when I discovered this is actually an Australian product. Now you have me interested. Tell me more! ilume was founded in Melbourne

The Personalised Pet Health System has taken a leap forward in optimising pet nutrition and understanding our K9 companions and their launch into the American market this year signals an exciting future for the company.

AI technology has been integrated into the collar tracker, offering real-time insights into your dog’s health, activity levels, and behaviour patterns. Using this data, the system calculates personalised calorie recommendations. The smart food bowl then adjusts portion sizes accordingly, ensuring dogs receive the right amount of food tailored to their energy output. The app relies on it’s own database of dog foods to calculate the calories provided in each meal but it also allows the user to input customisable food as well.

The approach in ensuring our k9 companions maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle gives peace of mind to owners.

A great product and deserving of our EFTM Editor’s Award.

For more information, visit ilume’s website.

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