Jeremy Clarkson rubbing someone up the wrong way? Never! This time it’s the BBC after his voice appeared on a special edition Top Gear TomTom sat nav.To be fair to Clarkson, people generally love him because he rubs others up the wrong way. Furthermore, the BBC has admitted that the deal between Tom Tom and Top Gear and the breach of editorial policies that followed weren’t Clarkson’s fault. The basics of the situation are that Top Gear execs struck a deal with TomTom to have Clarkson voice the directions, but certain other parts of the BBC were not made aware, such as senior management and the internal editorial watchdogs.

In fact, the first this group of BBC employees heard of the matter was when Clarkson wrote about it in one of his columns. After much deliberation and closed door chats, a nine-page finding was released that stated the Top Gear TomTom sat nav was in breach of editorial policy at the BBC but it was not a deliberate breach.

For those who are really keen on hearing the soothing sounds of Jeremy Clarkson guiding them on their next trip, you can still purchase the Top Gear TomTom sat nav. You’ll also be doing a good thing, because the proceeds will now be given to charity. Ironically, Clarkson opening his mouth has now paid off in a big way. Keep it up Jezza!

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