That’s the conclusion a big media company has come to after going out on to the streets to get people to taste Allens new chewier Minties. Maybe Coca-Cola and Kraft/Vegemite could learn a thing or two about improving classic products.

It’s hard to believe but it’s true. New Allens Minties taste better than the traditional ones. At least that is the conclusion of who went out for a walk and asked dozens of people. Just how many dozens they don’t say, but it’s still a slightly surprising result, given how many companies have failed to improve on classic products.

Minties is 90-years-old, but Allens has stated that it wasn’t about changing the taste. That has stayed the same. Instead, Minties are just chewier now. Gone are the days of potentially ripping out teeth when you bit into one of the famous candies. And Australians apparently like this.

“Of the dozen people we asked, everyone said there was a noticeable difference in taste, and only two liked the old version better,” wrote Robert Burton-Bradley and Kate Midena of News. You can watch the video of their findings below.