NetComm M2 Wifi Hotspot

Being able to plug your USB ‘dongle’ into your laptop for on the go access to the internet has been a huge advantage for blokes and gals wanting internet connectivity on the go.  But what do you do if you want to share that connection across multiple devices?

The NetComm M2 is not the first, nor will it be the last portable WiFi hotspot that allows you to plug in your USB dongle for internet access, but we can tell you it may just be the easiest.

I’ve got a Telstra 4G Modem for my laptop, and in the past with previous Telstra dongles and this type of wireless router, I’ve had almost nothing but configuration issues.

This morning I took the NetComm M2 out of its box, plugged it into power, connected my laptop to it via the default Wifi and was ready to configure.

A simple in-browser configuration allowed me to choose 3G or DSL (the M2 also has a wired DSL option) and then adjust a few security settings like the default SSID and administration password. The whole process took me about five 5 minutes at most.

NetComm M2

The 4G dongle is a great little device because it does not require a ‘login’, which makes configuration with the M2 much easier. It’s also reassuring to know that even though Telstra’s 4G dongle is only a few months old, the M2 still supports it out of the box.

At $79 from Telstra dealers, it’s not a bad value add-on to your portable internet needs, meaning a single device could give internet access to your tablet, smartphone and laptop all in one go.

NetComm say it’s light and portable so it “fits inside any pocket or bag to establish an instant anywhere, anytime, wireless hotspot”, but I’m pretty sure there is no battery inside this little baby.  After an hour plugged in to the mains power – unplug it and it powers off immediately.  There are only two indicator lights on the device, one for power and one for ‘internet’ so the portability really does go out the window without a battery!  However even wired to a power point it’s a very handy thing to have when travelling or doing presentations in other people’s offices.

Price: $79
Web: Netcomm