Apple has just unveiled its latest version of the iPad, and it’s a cracker. Packed with a 2048 × 1536 resolution screen, a much more powerful processor, a better camera and inbuilt dictation capabilities, it’s a major upgrade. The only downside is that we won’t get the new 4G connectivity in Australia.

The most obvious improvement in the new iPad is its screen. At 2048 x 1536 pixels, it’s so detailed that you can’t actually see the individual pixels from a normal viewing distance. It’s also worth pointing out that the new iPad has more than a million more pixels than your big 50-inch Full HD TV, so you just know it’s going to be great to look at.

To power the boost in resolution, Apple’s got the new A5X processor on board, which has a quad-core graphics module on board. That means we can expect to see even more impressive iPad games in the very near future.

There’s a new 5MP rear camera, capable of recording 1080p video, and a new dictation feature that will allow users to speak out emails and iMessages. It’s not quite Siri, but the guess is that it uses the same technology.

The new iPad will also feature 4G, although it won’t technically work in Australia. LTE (as 4G is more technically known) will only work on the 700MHz and 2100MHz frequencies, but Australia’s only current LTE network is Telstra’s 1800MHz 4G network. It’s not all bad though, with the new iPad also supporting HSPA+ and DC-HSDPA networks for faster speeds. Given Telstra’s Next G network is HSPA+ and Vodafone is currently working on boosting its network to HSPA+, you can still get faster speeds with the new iPad.

The tablet is launching in Australia on March 16, with prices starting at $539 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model and $679 for the Wi-Fi + 4G model. Apple is also keeping the iPad 2 on sale at $429 for a 16GB Wi-Fi and $569 for the Wi-Fi + 3G.

Now that it’s been unveiled, the question is – are you going to buy one?

Price: From $539
Web: Apple