Rolls Royce Ghost Extended Wheelbase with it's sibling Rolls' in Sydney

The sixth new Rolls Royce model – the “Ghost Extended Wheelbase” – has arrived in the Rolls Royce showroom in Sydney. It arrived with the modest sticker price of $695,000 (on road!) slapped across the windscreen.

There’s a good chance you aren’t familiar with the Rolls Royce showroom already, but that shouldn’t stop you from making a casual weekend or afternoon drive by to satisfy your luxury car lust.

Current Ghost owners will drool in envy at the additional 17cm of rear-cabin room I mean who needs extra space in the front for “James” your driver?

Fire up this beast and the rhythm of the 6.6-litre twin turbo V12 engine will possibly make you squirm. While the Roller is a big piece of kit, the monster engine will take it from 0-100kph in just five seconds.

If you think the human brain is at its most active behind the wheel of a $695,000 car, spare some thought for the on board computer system in the Ghost Extended Wheelbase. The sensors in the dampers alone make individual load calculations every 2.5 milliseconds to ensure the perfect ride and handling.

Rolls Royce Sydney Showroom

The Trivett company, well known in the automotive space, are operating the showroom in O’Riordan St in Sydney with a new, larger showroom launched to feature the Ghost Extended Wheelbase edition.

This is a stunning piece of engineering, and well worth a look if you love your classic and luxury cars, even if buying on eis well outside your price range.