Boon for business travellers: Malaysia Airlines introduces child-free section on A380s

Malaysia Airlines has announced that it will not allow children in the economy section on the top deck of its new A380 aircraft.

The airline recently banned babies from first class and is now following up on the new rules with a child ban. It can do this because the layout of its A380 aircraft has economy sections on both the top and bottom decks of the double-decker super jumbo. The smaller top deck will be exclusively for non-children… umm… that would be adults.

It’s a win for the travelling man who flies in economy either for leisure or thanks to the economic downturn which has sent companies racing to downgrade their employees business class flights. The Malaysia Airlines A380 will start flights between Sydney and Kuala Lumpa on September 25 this year.

By that stage it will already be serving London, so there is the opportunity to travel economy all the way to London with no misbehaving kids. And frankly, on such a long flight, you can’t blame them for acting up once or twice.

Via: AusBT

Damian Francis has previously edited Australian T3 and F1 Racing magazine and wrote for GQ Australia and Men’s Health. Unlike Nick and Trev, he has no kids, no mortgage and no wife, but lives happily on Sydney’s North Shore with his girlfriend.

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