Hard to believe but true. The SMH is reporting that Dubai police are about to auction off a Ferrari Enzo that was dumped in the desert.

The burning question of why one would want to dump a Ferrari Enzo in the desert near Dubai is actually quite an easy one to answer. It’s a criminal offence to go bankrupt in the Middle East so those that do often dump their belongings and head for the nearest airport to high-tail it out of the country.

In this case the Ferrari Enzo is believed to have been the toy of a failed British businessman who has, of course, fled the country. Launched in 2002 the Ferrari Enzo is a V12 powered beast that does 0-100kph in a little over three seconds and has a curb weight of just 1,365 kilograms. Only 400 were produced.

It’s the predecessor of the famous Ferrari F50 and will be replaced by the soon to be launched Ferrari F70.

Via: SMH
Web: Ferrari
Image: Wikimedia Commons