Some people play golf for the social side. Others play it to relax. Me? I play it to win (although I usually lose). Next time I hit the green, it will be with the new Garmin Approach S3 golf watch, to help me adapt my terrible slicing shots into victory.

With detailed GPS details of more than 27,000 golf courses around the world, the Approach S3 lets you view the green, keep score of the match and time your round. The watch features an easy to read screen that can tell you the distance to the pin, plus the start and end of the course.

With an eight hour battery life, it has enough juice to get you through all 18 holes, and keeps track of each one of your shots, so you can view them on the watch itself, or download them to your computer later if you want to brag about your birdie on the fifth to your playmates.

Launching next month for $400, it’s a valuable companion to any serious golfer. Or any hack that wants to try and better their game without putting in hours of practice at the driving range…

Price: $400
Web: Garmin