Oh, those wacky Dyson engineers. Not content to create amazing feats of engineering with a practical purpose, the boffins at Dyson have now taken to creating go karts out of spare Dyson products. As you’d expect, these things can really move.

There’s no explanation as to why the Dyson engineers would do this, aside from the obvious “shits and giggles” nerdy engineers get from creating awesome things, although the YouTube video does offer this small quote:

Dyson engineers constantly look to develop designs that do more with less. So a challenge was set: to create the fastest go-kart using a few Dyson spare parts and all the torque they could eke out from one of our handheld motors. After a few evenings’ work, these are the results.

Congrats Dyson engineers. You’ve just sold a heap more Dyson vacuum cleaners to men who will pull them apart for spare parts. Awesome.

Via: YouTube