Digital radio has been growing well since it launched in a Australia a few years back, but it hasn’t conquered the most important radio frontier – in the car. That could all change soon with Pure releasing the Highway 300Di.

The small DAB+ unit is a small, easy to use unit that is professionally installed to compliment your existing car audio system. It brings the benefits of all the additional digital radio stations, as well as the ability to pause and rewind the radio to an in-car mount.

The Highway 300Di combines with an iPhone or iPod or iPad as well, to offer navigation of your mobile device’s music while showing key track information on its easy to read OLED screen.

Given that 32 per cent of radio is listened to in the car in Australia, this product is definitely filling a gap in the market. Because it’s a premium product though, you can expect a premium price, with the unit selling for $499 plus installation when it goes on sale in May.

Price: $499
Web: Pure