Decorating the bachelor pad can be difficult. Decorating the home or apartment you share with your significant other is even more difficult. But it’s now easier than ever to inject a bit of masculinity into your décor with minimalist university maps.

Tony and Katie Rodono of City Prints Map Art have created amazing maps of American universities. They feature no words but instead use the colours of the university for the base and the streets. The end result is a print that catches some major attention without being complicated or overly arty.

The prints are just 12-inches by 12-inches which means they won’t take up much wall space. If you have a big wall to fill, no problem, just tile a few of them for a really good use of wall space. Standard prints will set you back US$40 while a framed version will be US$170 and available in dark brown or white frame.

Each map is printed on thick stock that has a slight metallic effect to make the print stand out. We won’t pretend to be art experts or designers but these things are pretty cool. If only they made some of Australian universities.

Price: From US$40
Web: City Prints Map Art