If you have any interest in aviation (or you just like the destruction of multi-million dollar aircraft), you would have seen the footage of a Boeing 720 being intentionally crashed and bursting into flames back in 1984. Get set for the 2012 version, which ups the ante with a 727.

Back in 1984, the aircraft was crashed to gather data for the development of future safety initiatives as a joint project between NASA and the FAA.

Here’s the video from 1984 (as part of a more recent episode of “Destroyed in Seconds”):

Just three days ago a similar crash occurred in Mexico. This time though it was not directly in the interests of future aircraft safety. Instead, it was part of a documentary being produced in co-operation between some of the biggest names in documentary films (Discovery Channel, Channel 4 and Pro Sieben).

The video below is amateur footage of the crash from a very long (and safe) distance away.

You can clearly see the pilot plane following the 727 right up to the point of impact, where the plane splits into at least two parts. You can only imagine how many cameras would have been pointed at the plane during the crash, let alone inside the plane for this event.

We’ll have to wait and see when this hits our screens.

Web: Flight Global