The Lord of the Rings trilogy popped up on a few men’s list of top three films last week, and if you count yourself a fan, you’ll be stoked to get an insight into the filming of Peter Jackson’s return to Middle Earth, The Hobbit.

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Jackson and his crew are currently filming the prequel to the hit trilogy over in New Zealand, and have been releasing a video production blog onto YouTube.

Running just over 10 minutes a pop, the video blogs show everything from the pre-production of the films, the Weta workshops, the amazing RED cameras used for shooting the films in 3D, as well as some of the shots. There are interviews with Peter Jackson, Andy Serkis, Sir Ian McKellan and more throughout the series so far.

Currently, there are four production videos up on YouTube, all embedded below for your viewing pleasure. But given the first film isn’t set to launch until December next year, you might want to bookmark the Official Hobbit YouTube page to make sure you don’t miss any new ones that publish between now and then.

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