Wearing your headphones while cycling is a guaranteed one-way ticket to the Darwin Awards, but if you want to want to listen to Queen’s Bicycle Race on repeat while riding, now you can. The Otus mini speakers let you listen to both music and traffic noises while wearing your helmet.

Using a valcro adhesive inside the helmet, the Otus mini speakers are designed to hang above a rider’s ears, with the cable running to the back of the helmet where cyclists can attach a small MP3 player or a Bluetooth receiver for playing music from a smartphone.

Designed to work with most helmet designs, the speakers allow riders to hear both their music and surrounding traffic noise. Obviously, the louder the music is played will influence just how much traffic can be heard, but as a way for both daily commuters and professional cyclists to enjoy tunes while they cycle, this is a brilliant idea.

Price: $US35
Web: Otus
Via: GizMag