Some men, like EFTM’s very own Damian Francis, don’t like drinking beer. But that doesn’t mean they should be put into camps and re-educated on the beauty of the world’s most popular alcoholic beverage. Especially given all the other amazing uses beer can be put to.

Markl Bristow over at Appliances Online has put together a comprehensive list of all the amazing uses for beer that don’t actually involve swilling the amber liquid. For example, did you know you can use that unwanted sixpack of Tooheys New to wash your hair?

Want to put that bounce back in your locks? Get more air in your hair? Why not try using beer as a shampoo or conditioner? The vitamin B, proteins, natural sugars and low pH level of beer all help to strengthen hair, even as it cleans.

There are a few methods to use beer on your hair. One is to just take some flat, warm beer into the shower with you and rub it through as shampoo, conditioner, or both. Some recommend preparing the cleansing solution beforehand by combining a few tablespoons of beer with half a cup of water.

Another method is to mix beer with a raw egg (another common folk substitute for shampoo). Others like to boil the beer first (reducing it to remove the alcohol, which can dry hair) before combining it with store-bought shampoo.

If you’re really keen, some people believe that soaking your hair in beer before lying in the sun can help to lighten your hair.

In any case, don’t forget to rinse afterwards…

Among the other uses are as a pest repellent, a polishing liquid for both wood and metal, and a fertiliser for the garden.

The whole list is well worth a read, especially if you don’t actually drink beer but want to keep some around the house so your mates won’t mock you for only drinking Vodka Cruisers.

Web: Appliances Online