It’s one of the most iconic audio systems around, the Bose Wave Radio/CD/Music System. First released in 1993, it’s taken almost 20 years for the third iteration to land on our shelves, but from June 4 it finally will.

Does anyone actually care though? After all, this is the age of digital music and all that. Well, you still should care slightly. It’s an easy way to get good quality music into your room and the system historically has been able to fill a room with sound quite well despite its diminutive size. Thanks to the air wave technology inside it made the sound a lot deeper and fuller before pushing it out the tiny speakers.

The new Bose Wave Radio III or Wave Music System III doesn’t seem to include much over the system of old in terms of technology aside from offering a new digital version with a DAB+ tuner. We would loved to have seen built in Bluetooth or some form of wireless networking to make getting tunes from your portable devices playing through the Wave Radio III or Wave Music System III easier.

You can still use Bluetooth streaming but it requires additional bits and pieces, such as the Wave Bluetooth music adaptor.

We haven’t heard or even seen the system yet, only been thrown the press release. And after my name was attached to a quote on Bose advertising for the last 2.5 years, I’m certainly not going to say anything too soon.

To be fair, I loved the old Wave Radio/CD, I would have just hoped Bose would have had some better marketing plans and newer products to shout out about rather than use the same quote from 2010 in advertising still around today… and it handily dropped the “2010” that was attached to the quote as well. Not real cool.

Anyway, I digress. Good news is that the new systems are a lot cheaper than the ones of old. The Wave Radio II will be $479 while the Wave Music System III will be $699.

Bose hasn’t responded for request for an image yet, so in the meantime, here is the Music System II.

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