You have to hand it to Chris Sumers and Adam Young. They found the perfect reason to enjoy a quiet six pack (or seven) – make a film about the most creative ways to open a beer bottle!

Filmed as part of Adam’s solo art exhibition in Austin Texas called “Songs of the Early Riser”, Bottle Cap Blues features dozens of different ways to crack open a cold one, from a machete, to a belly button to an iPod Classic. And while a handful of attempts clearly don’t go to plan, it’s evident that the guys making the film were having a fantastic time making it.

Of course, at this point we should probably throw in a “don’t try this at home” disclaimer for a handful of the methods used (flick knife, anyone?), but you guys are all old enough to know that already, right? And let’s face it… Sometimes you just need to get creative when you can’t find a bottle opener.

Were there any innovative ways to open a beer bottle the guys missed? Let us know.

Web: Vimeo
Via: Gizmodo