What do you mean you don’t want a Vanilla Ice 80s look? Fashion is cyclical, the 80s is back in and this is all the rage. At least that’s what we’ve been hearing. At the very least, Ultramatte hair sounds pretty unique.

American Crew Ultramatte is a way to give your hair a sleek matte look without damaging it or rubbing sand paper through it. Ultramatte actually protects your hair at the same time it takes all the shine out of it. It’s is a medium-hold fixative with a matte finish that deeply nourishes to improve hair thickness and vitality. It also banishes those evil UV rays which constantly rain down on your thick main and will act as a conditioning agent so your hair doesn’t dry out during the day.

The Ultramatte product is easy to apply. Simply massage a generous amount through your hair, style, and then brush out. Like your leather shoe polish, the finished product is only visible when you give it a good brush. In this case, that is when the matt finish appears.

No one at EFTM really has the type of hair to try the stuff out properly, but if the American Crew brand is anything to go by, the product should be a cut above. We’ll aim to try it out none the less – all in the name of helping Aussie mankind. You can pick it up at most salons.

Web: American Crew