Two lucky fellas won the chance to not only own the Sony RX10 IV, but submit to us their own review of the camera.  The second is Michael Leventhal. His review is below!

Sony RX10M4 – Dad Reader Review

by Michael Leventhal

I take my morning coffee and take a seat at the breakfast bar, not entirely sure what to expect when unboxing this fabulous present from EFTM, surely made my Father’s Day that extra bit special. The specs are impressive, but at this price point it is to be expected. Naturally I ask the same question as, I’m sure, most are thinking. What makes this Sony bridge the better choice over say, a Canon or Nikon DSLR?

I find that as soon as I grip the camera and pull it from its box the build quality is instantly noticeably, a well finished, solid body. As important as any feature for us dads is weight, after all there’s a good chance you may end up wearing it for an entire day at the zoo, the RX10M4 weighs in at 1095g, which is about 30% heavier than say the Canon 80D. What is easy forget is that you no longer need to drag along three lenses to get that perfect shot, this is the all-rounder, the Swiss army knife.

After spending ten minutes fiddling with the neck strap to fit it, a slight annoyance I must admit, I power up the RX for the first time. Charging is as easy as plugging the usb cable in, I’m sure though Sony could have included a higher quality charger, the included one has an overly bulky transformer and short cable. This however is where my criticism ends. Power up the Sony, flick to Auto and zoom in with the ZEISS® Vario-Sonnar® 24–600 mm lens, click and shoot. It’s that simple. The auto-focus is incredibly fast and precise compared with my Canon, which has an 80% strike rate when trying to take that tricky, fast moving shot in Auto. I have missed many priceless moments that, once past, can’t be recreated.

That morning we head out through the rain and hail for a four wheel drive family day trip through Dwellingup, just over an hour south of Perth. I can’t help but stop and take a few shots mid track, mud all through the car, “worth it” I mutter to myself as the wife shakes her head. The greens of the fresh shoots sprouting from the shrubbery are so vibrant they pop on the screen. With weatherproof seals I don’t have to worry about the RX10, it handles the rain better than my five year old, who thinks she’ll melt if she gets wet.

Time for a lunch stop at the local Hotel, affectionately named “The Dwelly” (can’t beat the steak sandwich). The rain eases for the first time in what feels like a week and I shoot across the carpark to Dwellingup Train Station where the famous Hotham Valley Steam Ranger spends its days resting. I hope you enjoy the pics; all shot in auto… just point and shoot.

After all the photos are taken for the day, I switch on NFC, transfer them to my Sony Xperia and post them instantly to the various platforms. Impressive. Easy.

What I love about this camera: Versatile, well rounded, fast, clear and precise. The NFC picture transfer is amazing.

What I think could be improved: Longer battery life (only 400 shots compared to almost 1000 from the 80D), a little lighter would be a plus. A lighter, smaller, better quality and simpler charger is definitely needed and please prefit the neck strap!

So, should you buy the RX10M4? If you want a solid camera that performs well in almost every situation for general, everyday use, absolutely. It especially stands out for those special family moments or for travelling our great country (or the world for that matter), perfect for dad this father’s day.

EFTM Dad Reader Review – Michael Leventhal