Value is entirely subjective, we get that – but – hear us out when it comes to an award like Best Value Smartphone. We see the choice, heck, we use them all.

Apple’s iPhone range is amazing. Samsung’s Flagship and mid-tier smartphones are also fantastic stuff.

We looked at what you got from Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Oppo, Google and more, and considered the buyer who has no link to an ecosystem, no preferences or views on any one phone.

When you do that, we reckon Google has you covered. The Google Pixel 8 is a phone you can get for $999 right now, and it’s a literal flagship phone. Great design, well constructed, great materials, a powerful and outstanding camera, great screen, and powerful performance with Google’s own processor.

Hard to go past. And at $999 – that’s value.

Australian’s are spoiled for choice with Smartphones – but if you look at them not on specs like megapixels and hertz or processor performance – the Google Pixel 8 Comes out swinging in every comparison.

For that reason, we’re giving it the EFTM BEST Award for Best Value Smartphone.