Did you think you had tried every cut of steak possible off our good friend cow? Think again, because beef expert Tony Mata believes he has found possibly the final cut of steak ever – the Vegas Strip.

With steak being such a big part of most men’s lives, you wouldn’t think it possible to find another cut. But Mata believes he has done it. He has been looking at cows for more than 30 years now and recently presented his findings to the Protein Innovation Summit in Chicago.

Currently there are more than twenty cuts of steak. According to Mata, the summit was quite pleased with the findings. Mata can’t yet say where exactly the cut is, as he is waiting for a patent, of course (!?), but he did tell the Cattle Network this:

“This muscle produces a steak that is on par with or better than today’s most popular steaks. It does not require aging or marinating to achieve tenderness and its visual appeal enhances the steak eater’s overall enjoyment.”

Sounds pretty good to us. Who the hell cares which part of the cow it is, just whack it on the barbecue already!

Via: News
Image: Wikimedia Commons